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Crowdfree was made to solve a problem at the University of Pittsburgh: not knowing how big the line at Chipotle and other popular places on campus are. This Android app crowdsources line data from users and displays a wait time rating, allowing people to spend more time eating than waiting.

Java Spark


TeslaJarvis was made at my first hackathon, MHacks IV. TeslaJarvis is an automation platform for Tesla Model S drivers. It will automatically gather weather data and location data and then perform actions on the car as necessary. The user can select what features to enable.

Python Flask NWS Tesla

PAT Realtime Tracker

Downloaded over 10,000 times, this Android app helps to get people out of the cold by tracking the public transit buses of Pittsburgh, PA in real-time. This is my first Android app, and one I'm proud of because it has an impact.

Java Google Maps PAT


Head organizer and founder of SteelHacks, the first hackathon at the University of Pittsurgh. A Major League Hacking event, SteelHacks has been held twice in 2015 and 2016. My responsibilites include getting sponsors, getting the venue, handling event logistics, as well as leading teams of people in charge of design, outreach, and marketing.

Web Leadership Outreach Budgeting